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A logo is the cornerstone of your branding. It meant to be a visual representation of what your business is. Spindrift is an Alaskan water taxi in Kachemak Bay. Fun fact: a “spindrift” is the sea spray – especially: spray blown from waves during a gale. (Merriam-Webster)

Logo Project Goals
  • To “show” the prow front of the Spindrift boat.
  • To “show” the spray of the water in the front of the boat.
  • To include “staying and resting” (anchor) and “being off on an adventure” (compass) – representing the coming and going of life.

Logos are an identity, your brand, similar to your name – it’s your visual identifier. If you don’t make an “official” logo, at least have consistency in your fonts & colors, these can also serve as an identifier for your business. This mark should be consistent across all platforms as it will become your branding – the visual identity of your business.

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