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Living Documents

This wall decor series was created to be wrapped canvases, to be displayed in the House Judiciary Room in the Alaska State Capitol. They were commissioned to be a coordinating set, used all together in the same room on different walls.

Wall Décor Project Goals
  • Reminders of America’s foundations: The Declaration of Independence, Article V, and ten amendments.
  • The Declaration of Independence has key phrases highlighted
  • The ten amendments to be portrayed as “living documents”

The goal of this project was to bring in reminders of America’s foundation, The Declaration of Independence, Article V, and the first ten amendments. The pieces range in size from 18″x36″ for each of the ten amendments, 24″x36″ for Article V, and 36″x48″ for the Declaration of Independence. For The Declaration of Independence, it would be too much to read in its entirety at a glance, so certain words and phrases are highlighted with darker text on top of the lighter text. Article V is on the same background with a coordinating serif text. The amendments followed the same pattern as the Declaration of Independence, with darker text on lighter, and the added green to bring in the validity of life in history.

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