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AWESOME last minute gift option!

Customers could choose to print on regular paper, colored, paper, cardstick, or have it professionally printed & bound. Made it so customers could purchase one and print up to 25 to give as gifts.

SELF-Printed Calendar Project Goals
  • Share epic Alaskan photos, photos very few see in real life.
  • Customers could choose to print-at-home or have professionally printed.
  • No inventory stock.

Blue Ice Aviation is a small air taxi in Alaska, the owner is an Alaskan Bush Pilot. He has a customer base he flies, but he also has thousands of social media followers. These followers are not likely to ever fly with him, but they follow him for his Alaska photographs and out of the love of Super Cubs and bush wheels. He has a small merchandise store for those who are interested in t-shirts, stickers, and for many years, calendars. The goal of the self-print calendar project was to provide customers the option of purchasing a calendar and didn’t require Blue Ice Aviation to print and store quickly outdated inventory. Additionally, customers could buy a single calendar and have several gifts – often as last minute Christmas gifts.

The files were created to be a traditional calendar with a full-color Blue Ice Aviation photograph on the top, and a half-page calendar on the bottom. Once an order was placed, customers received the digital files right away. Which was great for last minute gift givers since the calendar could be printed right away. Some customers chose to have the calendar(s) professionally printed and bound from the single purchase. This was a win-win for Blue Ice Aviation and his customers.

The example shown is for the same month, December of 2017, as the Digital Calendar.

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