Custom 3×5 Cards

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Lists & Contacts On The Go

For decades, Wes has utilized 3×5 notecards as his go-to for taking notes or writing lists, and this habit has continued into the digital age. At all times any time he needs paper to write something down or wants to share his water taxi information.

Custom 3×5 Cards Project Goals
  • User friendly sized for a pocket
  • Notes on the go
  • Sharing contact information

The goal of this project was for Wes to have readily accessible 3”x5” cards in his pocket so he always has paper at hand for note taking, and his contact information – in one piece. By creating a custom 3”x5” card, contact information was pre-printed and on card stock, like typical 3”x5” cards. This provided stability when taking notes without a hard surface below. This also makes the card less likely to be thrown away as a “scrap of paper”. The lines are lighter, so they aren’t a distraction or compete for attention when the card is full of notes.

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