The Declaration of Independence

4th of July

Wes Keller was a candidate for Alaska State House Representative. As is typical, this candidate was going to be walking in the 4th of July parade and wanted something more meaningful to hand out. As a conservative candidate who is passionate about America and her foundations, he wanted to bring in the reminder of why we celebrate the 4th.

Half-Fold Flyer Project Goals
  • Reminder of why we celebrate July 4th.
  • Offer a potential first time to read portions of The Declaration of Independence.
  • Easy to carry and hand out with candy in the 4th of July parade.

The goal of this 4.25″x5.5″ half-fold flyer was to have something easy to hand out for the 4th of July parade – along with the candy everyone looks for. The flyer was printed on high quality paper and coated so a potential drizzle would not be an issue. The purpose of the size was to be right-sized for the hands carrying & passing them out, as well as a bit different for the receiver. The hope was the receiver wouldn’t just throw these away because it was nicer, and it was small enough to easily fit into a bag or purse to read later, and by having the Declaration of Independence partially printed on the inside maybe even be read and serve as a bit of a reminder of why our Nation is great.

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