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Point of Contact

Business cards are traditional way to exchange contact information. They are important for all businesses as they are an inexpensive way to make a good first impression – these were printed and available for e-sharing.

Business Card Project Goals
  • Highlight the plane because of the nature of the ministry.
  • Bright & Colorful.
  • A quick and easy way to share contact information with someone – whether in print or as a digital image.

Business cards are important, but don’t just get your business cards printed anywhere. While cost is a factor and we want to pay less, in this case it is more important to have a card offering a positive textural experience. My favorite for printing business cards is moo (affiliate link). You get the benefit of both worlds, the textural experience is a great first impression, they hold up wonderfully after being carried around, and printfinity is super fun and a great way to have multiple facets of your business highlighted! The cost difference is very minor for the exponential benefits. Of course, there are times you need something different – such as metallic paper or a plastic see-thru-card – to show your uniqueness, and there are other great printers.

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